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Project Plan - Penguin Lapbook

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    Project Plan - Penguin Lapbook Link to this post


    Here you can find all the information you need for creating your penguin lapbook.

  • Anonymous user
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    Re: Project Plan - Penguin Lapbook Link to this post

    Seriously,who hosts an activity and doesn't have all of the materials available?? Only certain-a very few- pages of this "lapbook" activity are available??? How am I to provide an adequate lesson on penguins w/ half a lesson??? Granted, it's free but really??

  • Anonymous user
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    Re: Project Plan - Penguin Lapbook Link to this post

    Thank you very much for your comment!  The Penguin Lapbook appeared in three parts, and the third part will appear tomorrow.  The staggered release dates were planned due to the large number of activities available in the Lapbook.  An overview picture of the lapbook, however, was provided upon the release of the first part, for your convenience, so you could see how the final project could/would appear.
    With best wishes,
    Editorial team (KiGaPortal)

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