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More ideas for toddlers, please!

  • S P
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    More ideas for toddlers, please! Link to this post

    We love the new ideas for toddlers lately - hope you will continue to add more this year!

  • Anonymous user
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    Re: More ideas for toddlers, please! Link to this post

    Of course, I am waiting for the opportunity to read more information about which you write about the toddlers. By the way, I have been looking for a good daycare for my eldest son for a very long time, but there are not many good organizations in New York that employ reliable staff. After almost a month, I managed to find the Little Scholars daycare center on the Internet, which is located in close proximity to my home. It's just a blessing that my child is happy to be there and looks forward to meeting his peers and caregivers every day.

  • Anonymous user
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    Re: More ideas for toddlers, please! Link to this post

    During Covid Pandemic, handling of toddlers has become a new challenge for young parents as the caregiving services had to shutdown their physical premises. Some ideas for parents to handle toddlers on their own can be-
    1. Try to set up a schedule for their basic activities like sleeping, washing, breakfast etc.
    2. Fix a certain time period in which you do some creative activity with them like, painting, scribling, painting, hand printing, story telling and music and dancing.
    3. Playing physical games with them and encouraging them to do activities.
    4. make them attend some online classes for preschoolers and toddlers.
    For few more tips, kindly visit the following website Kidzee Goregaon Preschool

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