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mother's day without a mom

  • S P
    16 Topics

    mother's day without a mom Link to this post

    i love all the mother's day and father's day craft ideas but have two children in my class without moms - one whose mom died and the other girl was adopted by a gay couple. in our school we try to celebrate mothers day and fathers day together so no children are left out. would love any other tips from other teachers though!

  • Heather
    11 Topics

    Re: mother's day without a mom Link to this post

    That's a good idea to put them together! I haven't had that problem in any of my classes yet but I'll keep it in mind for the future. One idea is maybe to talk about "mother figures" - aunts, godmothers, babysitters, etc. who are important to the kids?

  • Editor
    30 Topics

    Re: mother's day without a mom Link to this post

    Hi S P, 
    You bring up a good point, and this will be important over Father's Day as well. I like Heather's suggestion about picking a mother or father figure, whether he/she is related or not. Let us know what works in your classroom!
    Your KiGaPortal Team

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