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Valentine's Day

  • Heather
    10 Topics

    Valentine's Day Link to this post

    Hi, I'm a kindergarten teacher from CA and looking for materials for V-Day that include ALL the children and not just their friends. Anyone recommend something that's worked?

  • Anonymous user
    33 Topics

    Re: Valentine's Day Link to this post

    In my school we have a rule that every child has to give a Valentine to every other child, so nobody is left out. Last year we had no tears - we'll see how this year goes!

  • S P
    15 Topics

    Re: Valentine's Day Link to this post

    yea i always have problems w/ kids crying when they dont get as many valentines as the others do. this sounds like a better idea than handing out valentines. will try it out thx

  • Editor
    29 Topics

    Re: Valentine's Day Link to this post

    Hi Heather,
    We recommend the Tulip Counting Game as a fun activity without obvious roses. No feelings will be hurt with this math game!
    We'd love to hear other ideas of inclusive games and activities other than giving out valentines. What has worked for you in the past?
    Look out for more new Valentine's Day crafts and games coming next week!
    Your KiGaPortal Team

  • Anonymous user
    1 Topics

    Re: Valentine's Day Link to this post

    I just used the Cupid poem in class and it was great! The children loved the game!

  • Anonymous user
    4 Topics

    Re: Valentine's Day Link to this post

    On Valentine's Day, my son's teacher says that the most important thing is to give love and mood, so they all together make valentines to their parents with drawings, poems, etc. As a result, the children are busy all day, they get positive emotions and no one suffers from the fact that they haven’t got valentines.

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