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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K






1.    "KiGaPortal" explicitly points out to its users that for the implementation of the instructions provided on the homepage, the supervision of a custodian, pedagogue or other trained personnel is required. In this respect the user also has to obey the safety regulations of his or her respective country.

2.    The respective supervisors themselves are responsible for ensuring that the required safety regulations are fulfilled and in this regard may not rely upon the instructions provided by "KiGaPortal".


3.    By clicking the button "I have read and accepted the safety notice" the user confirms that "KiGaPortal" has instructed the user about the necessity of compliance with the duties listed under sections 1 and 2.


4.      "KiGaPortal" is not responsible for annotating the published instructions with safety notices and is not liable for any kind of damages resulting from a violation of this obligatory supervision and/or safety regulations.