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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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New Year Mandalas:

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This mandala with horseshoes, ladybugs and four-leaf clovers will bring luck in the new year...

New Year's Mandala with Lucky Charms

Snowmen, butterflies, sunflowers and kites representing each of the four seasons...

Season Wheel Mandala (16 parts)

The clocktower tells time for the village...

Clocktower Mandala

Time is running out on the hourglass...

Hourglass Mandala

Telling time with a digital clock mandala...

Digital Clock Mandala

The pig is good luck in the New Year...

Lucky Pig Mandala

A mandala with clocks for counting down...

Clocks Mandala

A New Year's mandala with ladybugs for luck...

Lucky Ladybug Mandala

A mandala with horseshoes and pigs for good luck...

Lucky Charm Mandala
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