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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K


Halloween Mandalas:

Free Halloween mandalas for kids


A fun Halloween-themed mandalas with witch-cupcakes, spiders and more.

Halloween Mandala with Cats

A spooky mandala with ghosts, bats and witches' hats...

Halloween Mandala with Ghosts and Bats

Friendly jack-o-lanterns and pointy witches' hats to color on Halloween...

Halloween Mandala with Bats and Jack-o-Lanterns

Who is dressing up as a wicked witch this year?

Witch on a Broomstick Mandala

Who has spotted a bat flying through the darkness?

Bats in the Night Mandala

Who has carved a face into these pumpkins?

Jack-o-Lantern Mandala

Who has seen such a ghost before?

Ghosts in the Night Mandala