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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Easter & Springtime Mandalas:

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A mandala with chickens, rabbits, butterflies and eggs for Easter.

Easter Mandala with Chickens, Rabbits & Butterflies

This little chick has just come out of its shell...

Baby Chick Mandala 2

Color in the baby chick hatching from its egg...

Hatching Chick Mandala 2

Color in this mandala to wish someone a Happy Easter...

Happy Easter Mandala

More Easter eggs and baby chicks to color in...

Easter Eggs and Chicks Mandala 2

Four big Easter eggs with pretty designs to color...

Large Easter Egg Mandala

Big and small Easter eggs with all sorts of designs to color.

Easter Egg Mandala 3

An Easter mandala with the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, carrots and daffodils.

Easter Mandala with Easter Grass

A hopping bunny and his eggs to color in...

Easter Bunny Mandala 2
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