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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K


Dotted Mandalas:

Free dotted mandalas for kids


Children can prepare to learn to write by connecting the dots...

Dotted Mandala with a Star

Relax during the busy holiday season by coloring this mandala.

Dotted Mandala with an Eight-Pointed Star

Connect the dots and color in the beautiful snow crystal.

Dotted Mandala with a Snow Crystal

Connect the dots and color in these beautiful flower petals...

Flower Dotted Mandala

Children can be creative when coloring in this summer fish mandala...

Dotted Mandala with a Fish

Connect the dots and color in these swimming dolphins...

Dolphin Dotted Mandala

Kids can color in and decorate this hedgehog with their favorite fall colors...

Dotted Mandala with a Hedgehog