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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Christmas Mandalas:

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More Christmas cookies to "decorate" with colored pencils...

Christmas Cookie Mandala 2

Color in these cookies while waiting for real ones to bake...

Christmas Cookie Mandala 1

A mandala with Christmas bells...

Bell Mandala 2

A winter mandala with reindeer...

Reindeer Mandala 1

Reindeer and snowflake, gingerbread and ornaments...

Christmas Mandala

Light the first candle today...

First Sunday of Advent Mandala

We can light the second candle today...

Second Sunday of Advent Mandala

It's time to light the next candle...

Third Sunday of Advent Mandala

Finally, all the candles have been lit...

Fourth Sunday of Advent Mandala
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