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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K


Back-to-School Mandalas:


What do you need on the first day of school?

School Supplies Mandala

A relaxing mandala full of school supplies to color in...

School Supplies Mandala 2

What color is your book bag?

Book Bag Mandala

What will you draw with these colored pencils?

Pencil Mandala

Color in the letters and numbers to get ready for a new schoolyear!

ABC-123 Mandala

German & Austrian children get a cornet filled with treats...

School Cornet Mandala

A mandala to color with book bags, school cornets and pencils...

First-Day-of-School Mandala

A mandala with lots of friends to color...

Children's Mandala

Don't forget to back a healthy snack for the first day of school!

Backpack & Lunchbox Mandala