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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Animal Mandalas:

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Little squirrels for kids to print and color...

Squirrel Mandala

Flying bats in the night for kids to print and color...

Bat Mandala

Owls out at night for kids to print and color...

Owl Mandala

These bees are busy at work in the hive...

Bee Mandala 2

A lot of different butterflies to print and color.

Butterfly Mandala 2

A relaxing mandala for butterfly lovers.

Butterfly Mandala 3

Children can practice their letters by coloring in this butterfly mandala...

Butterfly Mandala with Caption

Cats and balls of yarn to play with...

Cat Mandala

Cats are running, jumping and napping all day long...

Cat Mandala 2
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