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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Family Stories:

Cartoons by Kristina Fransbach and Janna Kool

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Brushing your teeth is not for everyone...

Anything but Brushing my Teeth!

Merry Christmas to Rudolph and all his friends, too!

Vegetarian Christmas

Frosty the Snow Double!

Frosty the Look-Alike

An afternoon on the ice with the whole family...

Ice Skating Chain

An exciting visit to the construction site...

The Bigger, the Better!

At the zoo, who's more interested in whom?

Greedy Giraffe

No obstacle is too great for a girl with a sweet tooth...

Achieving Great Heights

Is there anything more fun for kids than building a sand castle on the beach?

Sand Castle Cartoon

For anyone who's been blown away by a child's boundless creativity...

The Craft King
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