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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Free cartoons for kids

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This brand new cartoon from Renate Alf touches on a hot topic: constructive use of social media in preschool.

Constructive Use of Social Media in Pre-K

From Renate Alf's archives: Illness is no reason to miss a costume party...


Everyone likes to dress up for Carnival - even the tiniest mice!


An afternoon on the ice with the whole family...

Ice Skating Chain

Brand-new from Renate Alf: Documenting aggression in the classroom...

Classroom Reports

From Renate Alf's archives: You're never too young to exercise your democratic rights!

Democratic Preschool

Brand-new from Renate Alf: Not only the animals are crawling around...

Four-Legged Friends

What an Easter surprise!

Happy Easter!

Brand-new from Renate Alf: How children really feel about new family members...

Baby Sister
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