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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Free cartoons for kids

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Brand new from Renate Alf: preschool science experiments.


Brand-new from Renate Alf: Safety guidelines observed at mealtimes...

Lunchtime Reading

From Renate Alf's archives: Why not a whole week of teacher appreciation?

Teacher Appreciation Day

From Renate Alf's archives: What young children really think of their teachers...

Soap Bubbles

At the zoo, who's more interested in whom?

Greedy Giraffe

No obstacle is too great for a girl with a sweet tooth...

Achieving Great Heights

It's not just the children who need their mid-day naps...

Nap Time in Pre-K

Brand-new from Renate Alf: School's out! Time for teachers to have a little fun, too!

Ball Pit

Is there anything more fun for kids than building a sand castle on the beach?

Sand Castle Cartoon
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