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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

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Here's a lion, lioness and cub for kids to color...

Lion Mandala

One does not need to accumulate riches in order to enjoy life.

Chinese Proverb

Brand-new from Renate Alf: An alternative way of dropping off the kids...

Bike Messenger

From Renate Alf's archives: Scientific experimentation in early childhood education...

Head Lice

From Renate Alf's archives: Cell-phone addiction at drop-off time...

Cell-Phone Madness

A mandala with lots of friends to color...

Children's Mandala

Celebrate the autumn harvest by coloring in the apples and grains...

Fall Mandala with Apples and Grains

Color in the autumn leaves, colorful kites and friendly squirrels for fall.

Fall Mandala with Leaves, Kites and Squirrels

Color in these cheerful hedgehogs as they gather leaves...

Hedgehog Mandala
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