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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

Cheerful Chicks - Pre-Easter Printing with Cotton Balls Mother Hen - A Pre-Easter Circle Time Song Complete and Color the Easter Eggs

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  • Cheerful Chicks - Pre-Easter Printing with Cotton Balls

    Create prints of tiny, fluffy chicks using cotton balls...

  • Mother Hen - A Pre-Easter Circle Time Song

    Transition from the morning circle to the next activity with this fun song...

  • Complete and Color the Easter Eggs

    Children can enjoy completing and creating patterns with this coloring game...

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Cartoons Proverbs Photo Galleries

This brand new cartoon from Renate Alf touches on a hot topic: constructive use of social media in preschool.


Life without amusement is unthinkable.

Photo Galleries

Snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and more spring flowers peeking out...


Re: Project Plan - Penguin Lapbook

Thank you very much for your comment!  The Penguin Lapbook appeared in three parts, and the third part will appear tomorrow.  The staggered release dates were planned due to the large number of activities available in the Lapbook.  An overview picture of the lapbook, however, was provided upon the release of the first part, for your convenience, so you could see how the final project could/would appear. With best wishes, Editorial team (KiGaPortal)


Looking for a job?

If you are looking for a job, or have a position you would like to fill, create a new post here!


2014 International Convention of the Early Childho

For all those who work with young children (birth – age seven) and are interested in incorporating music and movement in their work: music educators, music therapists, movement educators, dance professors, teachers, students, preschool teachers, physical education teachers, early childhood educators and specialists to name a few!