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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

Lion Maze - Easy Template - Lion and Lioness Masks Going to School - A Goodbye Song for Preschool Grads

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  • Lion Maze - Easy

    This simple lion-themed maze fosters graphomotor skills and concentration...

  • Template - Lion and Lioness Masks

    Children love transforming into ferocious lions with these lion masks...

  • Going to School - A Goodbye Song for Preschool Grads

    A loving goodbye song for children leaving pre-K to start kindergarten...

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It's not just the children who need their mid-day naps...


Running quickly is no guarantee that you will reach the finish line.

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Photographic impressions of summertime...


Re: Sand Drawings

Enter comment great and so easy to do! Thanks


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NAEYC 2015 Annual Conference & Expo

The 2015 NAEYC Annual Conference & Expo, taking place November 18-21 in Orlando, FL, will be the early childhood education event of the year! The Annual Conference is a great place to showcase your materials, services, and ideas through exhibits, and advertisements in the Final Program.