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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

Hello - A Greetings Song Picture Cards with Numbers, Words and Dice from 1-6 Wet Wipes-Surprise Box for Toddlers

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  • Hello - A Greetings Song

    This is how you say "Hello" in different languages: a greetings song to sing when beginning pre-K.

  • Picture Cards with Numbers, Words and Dice from 1-6

    Picture cards with numbers, words and dice iillustrations in the counting range of 1-6

  • Wet Wipes-Surprise Box for Toddlers

    This surprise box helps distract children when they experience separation anxiety.

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I just have to say bye-bye to Toby!


No wind favors he who has no destined port.

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Photographic impressions of summertime...


Outdoor activities

Does anyone have recommendations for good outdoor activities now that the weather is getting nice? I try to take the kids outside as often as possible and need some new ideas! Thanks...



Tagestbetraung in Schule oder in Kindergarten


2014 International Convention of the Early Childho

For all those who work with young children (birth – age seven) and are interested in incorporating music and movement in their work: music educators, music therapists, movement educators, dance professors, teachers, students, preschool teachers, physical education teachers, early childhood educators and specialists to name a few!