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Lesson Ideas for Kindergarten and Pre-K

Project Plan - Owl Lapbook Labels for the Owl Lapbook Owl Lapbook Folding Template

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  • Project Plan - Owl Lapbook

    Here you can find all the information you need for creating your owl lapbook...

  • Labels for the Owl Lapbook

    Labels, medals and name tags for personalizing the Owl Lapbook...

  • Owl Lapbook Folding Template

    Step-by-step instructions for folding the owl lapbook...

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From Renate Alf's archives: Does payday feel like this to you?


One does not need to accumulate riches in order to enjoy life.

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Trees turning colors in the autumn...


Outdoor activities

Does anyone have recommendations for good outdoor activities now that the weather is getting nice? I try to take the kids outside as often as possible and need some new ideas! Thanks...


Looking for a job?

If you are looking for a job, or have a position you would like to fill, create a new post here!


2014 International Convention of the Early Childho

For all those who work with young children (birth – age seven) and are interested in incorporating music and movement in their work: music educators, music therapists, movement educators, dance professors, teachers, students, preschool teachers, physical education teachers, early childhood educators and specialists to name a few!